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Voting Hire with Support

Our most popular option is the Voting Keypad Hire with Support service as it provides maximum reliability and peace of mind.

We prepare your question slides in advance, provide all the handsets you need (from 30 to1,000+) and a technician(s) to operate the system at your event.

Voting Hire with Support is most suitable for customers who:​

  • Just want to leave it to us to prepare, operate and take responsibility for the system

  • Have no experience of using an audience response system

  • Are running an event with a large AV set up

  • Require any number of voting keypads from 50 to over 1,000

Customers often combine this service with our Event Consultation package in which we help you devise the most suitable objectives, prepare appropriate questions for the event and analyse the data afterwards. Most event voting suppliers do not offer this. See our Engagement Consultants page to find out more about this innovative event service from Soundbite.

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