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Our experience of using an Interactive Voting App

At a recent conference for a leading UK retailer, we used Vevox interactive voting app to enhance the engagement and participation of the 350 delegates that were in attendance. The Vevox app allowed delegates to vote on live polling questions and also submit questions to the presenters anonymously. All users could see other people's questions on their own devices and vote on the best questions, making it easy to prioritize the questions that were most important to them.

The great thing about the Vevox interactive voting app is that it works in a standard web browser, meaning that delegates didn't need to download an app to use it. We made it easy for them to use by providing the web link in advance of the event, and on all the tables, we included the link and QR code so they could simply scan with their phones and be directed to the app.

We supported the event by designing the question and answer slides that showed the live polling questions and results, which integrated into MS PowerPoint. We also set up and programmed the Vevox interactive voting app and provided the web link for delegates. In addition, we provided a technician onsite who operated the system with our own laptops and enabled the system to integrate into the AV system. We also gave the presenters iPads so they could see the questions submitted by delegates in real-time.

The Vevox interactive voting app allowed for real-time engagement and interaction between the delegates and presenters, creating an interactive and immersive conference experience. The delegates were able to participate and provide feedback in a way that was easy and accessible to them, without the need for any additional software or hardware. Overall, the Vevox interactive voting app proved to be an effective tool for enhancing delegate engagement and interaction at the leading UK retailer's conference. By using this interactive voting app, we were able to create an engaging and interactive conference experience that allowed for real-time participation and feedback.


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