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How we provided seamless audience response systems for 600 delegates at a large AGM.

At a recent event, we had the privilege of providing audience response systems for 600 delegates to vote during the conference. However, we faced a challenge with that number of people, as it could cause interference with WiFi networks running on 2.4GHz, resulting in missed or uncounted votes.

To tackle this issue, our team carefully scanned the 2.4GHz WiFi networks in the venue to identify which in-house networks were running. We then set the channels on our Reply voting handsets in a place where they wouldn't clash with other networks. This critical step ensured that our voting system was seamless and effective. Our team was aware of the risk of interference due to the large number of voting handsets being used, as the Reply voting handsets work on the same frequency as 2.4Ghz WiFi. By scanning the WiFi networks, we identified the networks that could cause interference and avoided using those channels on our voting handsets.

One of the unique features of our Reply voting handsets is that they work slightly beyond the 2.4Ghz WiFi spectrum in channel 14, reducing the likelihood of interference with other networks. This feature ensured that our audience response system was reliable and efficient.

Additionally, our voting system has the unique feature of being able to change the channel on all handsets remotely via our software instantly. This feature is not available on most other voting handsets and is crucial in cases where there are any issues that require a channel change. With our software, we can make changes instantly and ensure that the system continues to run smoothly without any delays or disruptions.

Overall, our team was able to provide a seamless audience response system for 600 delegates at a large event. Our attention to detail, scanning of wifi networks, and unique features of our Reply voting handsets allowed us to provide a reliable and efficient system that worked flawlessly throughout the conference. We look forward to providing similar solutions for future events and conferences.


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