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  • Can we just hire / rent audience response keypads from you without any onsite technical support?
    While we typically recommend that clients who use our voting handsets also take advantage of our onsite technical support, we understand that some clients may have their own IT or AV teams who can operate the voting handsets. If you have previous experience using the Reply voting system & Edi vote software, we can offer keypad hire / rental without onsite technical support. A self-operated hire package may be a cost-effective option if you're planning to use the keypads for multiple days or internationally. Our team will provide you with the necessary equipment, instructions and training on how to set up and operate the keypads, and we'll be available to answer any questions you may have. Please note that if you choose to not to have onsite support and you encounter any issues with the keypads during your event, we won't be able to provide immediate onsite support without a technician. Additionally, as the keypads will be rented without onsite technical support, we cannot accept responsibility for any issues that may arise. However, our team will still be available to troubleshoot any issues remotely and provide guidance as needed.
  • What are the advantages of dedicated voting keypads over using smartphone voting apps?
    While smartphone voting apps can be a convenient, feature packed and cost-effective option for certain types of events, dedicated voting keypads offer several advantages. Firstly, keypads are specifically designed for voting purposes, which means they offer more accurate and reliable results. Additionally, keypads are more secure than smartphones as they are not connected to the internet and are less susceptible to hacking or interference. This makes them more GDPR secure, as they reduce the risk of sensitive information being intercepted or compromised. Furthermore, keypads can be used in areas with poor phone reception or limited Wi-Fi access. Finally, keypads provide a more inclusive experience for all participants, including those who do not have a smartphone or are not comfortable using technology. In contrast, one of the problems with using smartphone voting apps is that they can be distracting for delegates, who may receive notifications such as emails or social media alerts during your event. By using dedicated voting keypads, you can help ensure that your participants stay engaged and focused on the task at hand. Overall, dedicated voting keypads can help ensure a more efficient, accurate, and inclusive voting experience for your event. However, we do offer voting app support with Vevox voting app if the client decides to go with smartphone voting. Our team can provide guidance on how to use the app effectively and securely, as well as help with any technical issues that may arise. Whether you choose dedicated voting keypads or smartphone voting apps, we are committed to providing a seamless and reliable voting experience for your event.
  • What equipment is supplied when we have a technician at our event?
    We arrive on site with our audience voting keypads and associated hardware. The system runs on one laptop (plus a backup), which we supply. This laptop is dedicated to voting only. If you’re running another PowerPoint presentation, this needs to be run on your own laptop. We then provide a VGA or HDMI switcher to switch between the laptops (if an onsite switcher is not already available). Please note: we do not normally include any other A.V. equipment (i.e. a screen or projector) as these are usually already in place but these can be quoted for on request.
  • What do you need us to provide you with?
    Before your event Your slide template/branding (i.e. background and logos) Event details – times, location, onsite contact. Details of the audio visual set up in the room or a contact person at the hotel or AV company. Up to 3 days before your event (latest) Word or Powerpoint document with your questions and answers (must not be a PDF) Changes and additions can be made onsite. 2 hours before your event or rehearsals at the venue Our technician will need: Some space in the room to operate two laptops, ideally in sight of the presenter or very close by An HDMI screen input to either the main projector or a switcher, provided by the venue or AV provider A sound feed to the room audio system (if you require countdown sound effects) A 13A power socket.
  • How long do you require on-site to set-up?
    This depends on the venue and the number of keypads at your event. We can usually set up our audience response system in 60 minutes for up to around 150 – 200 keypads. We always like to allow hour and half to be well prepared.
  • Can we make last minute changes?
    Yes we can add or edit questions onsite and during the meeting. Often questions can be decided during meetings and voted on.
  • Can the keypads easily go missing?
    An advantage of our keypads is they are compact and lightweight. If the distribution of the pads is managed correctly and announcements are made, then it is unlikely keypads go missing. We will help and assist you on the day.
  • Can we send messages to the presenters or send text feedback?
    Our Reply keypads which we provide when you have a technician do offer text based feedback and Q&A. We do however have an additional product where users can text in feedback with their smartphones. Contact us if you would like further information about this.
  • What do the questions and answers look like on screen?
    The system is MS powerpoint based so you can create your slides to match your other presentations and branding. If you have a techncian at your event we make up your slides for you. We have some examples below:
  • Do you have any example questions?
    How many bottles of wine are produced in the Bordeaux region each year? 90 million 500 million 850 million 1.5 billion In OFSTED speak, how would rate our Chancellor so far? Outstanding Good Requires improvement Inadequate (needs special measures) T-Levels mean more home grown skills; do you think that in 5 years time the skills shortage in our region will: Ease Worsen Stay the same Who is going to be sacked next? Arsène Wenger Donald Trump Jeremy Corbyn Martha Ruiz and Brian Cullinan (of PwC OSCARS fame) Jeremy Clarkson Michael Heseltine How many of you feel engaged in the strategy? I am involved I am not involved but feel engaged I am not involved but would like to be I do not feel engaged How much do you think these changes will impact our business and markets? Not at all Not much Somewhat Quite a lot Radically Does our strategy respond fully to the challenges our business confronts? No A little Somewhat Mostly Yes Are you ready for the challenge of our new strategy? No A little Somewhat Mostly Yes What do you think is the key business attribute we need for strategic success? Leadership Teamwork Change Technology and Resources Communication Why did you come to the Summit? (Pick your two main goals) Learn more about the direction the services and operations industry is taking Meet peers in other organizations to share views/ideas/experiences Want to feel part of a growing profession and industry This is the one place to get that real unvarnished experience of our industry away from the plastic booths, the cardboard case studies and the never-ending deluge of sales hype Find a new job Find people worth hiring Worried I’m getting too “legacy” and need to savvy up on the cool stuff Not entirely sure, I just gave into Phil’s relentless emails Which group do you fall in for the purpose of this summit? Head teacher? Teacher Governors Academy Trust Pupil referral unit Mainstream school MPS Local Authority Central Government Other Within the education system, who has the greatest responsibility for ensuring pupils are safeguarded against knife crime? Young people Schools Ofsted DfE School Governors The Local Authority Central Government Which are the key organisations that schools need to work more closely with to support them in tackling knife crime? The Police The Local Authorities Transport for London Community Groups Health partners with a focus on Emotional Trauma and Mental Health Neighbouring schools Neighbouring businesses/retailers Other Do you think Teresa May's government is taking the right approach to Brexit negotiations with the EU? Yes, showing great British resolve No, they could not organise a booze up in a brewery You simply cannot deal with these people What type of EU deal do you think we are heading for? The best the UK can get A deal but with too many concessions No deal at all We wont leave
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