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After years as an AV technician, Steve Lucas founded Soundbite because he saw how audio-visual and event management expertise was often squeezed to the margins.

We forge long-standing connections with our clients. That means we get to know you before we start to specify what you need. We put together an AV team for each event based on a deep understanding of the client’s desires and culture.


Although we give technical skills their due weight, they do not dominate.

Steve acts as the all-important bridge between the very different languages and priorities of technician and client.

Steve now manages a network of highly skilled and flexible professionals to specify and deliver the event experience you want. Our clients include The Brit Awards, British Horseracing Association, HSBC, Pimco, Philips and many others.

Steve Lucas from Soundbite - AV event solutions for business events

"AV is not about equipment.
It’s about people, their confidence and trust."

Steve Lucas CEO Soundbite

Steve Lucas

0207 1189818

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