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Voting Hire & Self-Operate

This service is suitable for organisers who are experienced in using audience voting keypad systems. You may feel confident in preparing your questions and can operate the voting system on the day. If so, we can hire voting keypads on a self-operation basis. We supply full instructions with every hire.

Dry Hire is most suitable for customers who:​

  • Are happy preparing your own voting slides

  • Have experience using MS Powerpoint and voting software

  • Can operate the system on the day or have IT/AV staff of your own who can operate the system

  • Will take responsibility for the smooth running and success of the system yourself

Many clients want to use voting systems across several events (for instance, if they have a series of roadshow events around the country). Soundbite can also offer training and question preparation with your in-house team before the first event, so the entire series can be run on a self-operated hire basis.

Contact us below to discuss your ideal hire option for voting keypads.


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