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Technical Production for Global Investment Conference

Our clients for this global investment summit understands their technical production and audio visual requirements are complex and critical to the success of the event. Soundbite does far more than supply kit supply to this annual conference. The success of this event relies on intense audience interaction and seamless integration of various audio visual services with precise planning, expertly designed set-up and flawless delivery.

Better Event Planning:

Reliability and quality are the event watchwords.

  • The success of the conference depends upon AV production and technical systems so we specify the most reliable equipment available

  • We support the equipment with expert production support for all areas of the event

  • Guests are seeking quality, so we plan audio-visuals which display high impact and engaging content

  • To cater for the needs of an international audience and increase the number of attendees the client can reach, we provide live translation and web streaming Our excellent Time Management makes life easier for everyone. The venue has strict access times so the setting up of the conference and rehearsals follow strict schedules

  • It is vital that the attendees fully engage with the conference, so we plan clever use of AV equipment to ensure high impact and increased audience interaction, both in-the-room and online

Better Event Delivery:

  • We supply high impact AV equipment by installing top quality, 11 metre LED walls as a stage backdrop. These display live cameras, presentations and video clips

  • We provide a reliable audio system with good room coverage

  • We use a team of professional AV and event staff who have previously worked with the client, meaning the team are knowledgeable about the event, and the client is familiar with the team

  • We researched and reported on the best audience interactive platforms. This enables delegates to submit questions, take notes and participate in live polling throughout the conference, giving a greater level of engagement

Why return to Soundbite?

With our industry knowledge, we understood the requirements and the level of professionalism the organiser expects from this annual event. This enables us to deliver a seamless and reliable audio visual service with meticulous attention to detail. We have built a long standing and continuing relationship with our client, based around the care, attention and detail that is necessary to create a truly engaging and seamless event. With corporate events, Soundbite’s familiarity with client and event means the client knows what they will get – value for money, commitment and a sound return on their investment.


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