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Sound PA Hire & Production for Celebrity Press Conferences

Here at Soundbite we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to provide exceptional event management, sound PA hire and technical production support to high profile press conference events for A-List artists in the music industry, from solo artists to boy bands and rock groups.

The press conferences shared in this case study were a part of the publicity for various stadium tours announced and were held at prestigious venues such as Wembley Stadium and the Soho Hotel.

Despite customarily attracting large press gatherings, these types of events are also rather more intimate than the gigs these A listers are used to. Conversation is often quite informal during the questions – Certainly at these press conferences we saw the artists relax and answer honestly, from one northerners natural swear-laden language to a world-renowned boy band member sharing how they had ‘no idea’ how they were going to sell enough tickets to fill Wembley. It’s vital that nothing gets left unheard whilst the artists are speaking.

The Brief:

For press conference events such as these, there is usually a large gathering of attendees consisting of worldwide press. It is imperative at events like this that every person in attendance can see the artists and hear everything being said.

The artist and bands we provided event management for required crystal clear audio visual (AV) hire in order for their tour announcements to have the utmost impact, ensuring no details were missed or misheard by the attending press responsible for publicising their statements. This meant not only clear audio channels, but also visual aids as part of the staging.

Soundbite’s Solution:

Soundbite Productions worked with PA-AV productions to provide audio visual such as audio, lighting and LED screens for various press conferences for these high profile A List artists and bands.

The equipment provided included staging and a PA sound system for the main room, including desktop microphones. There were also audio feeds for the gathered press and broadcast. All audio was controlled via a digital mixing console and audio distribution amplifiers to ensure the best quality sound.

We provided stage lighting for the top table and backdrop to ensure appropriate lighting for press photos and TV broadcasts.

We also provided 50” plasma and LED screens that showcased important information for the press, including concert dates, as well as rolling videos.

What were the results?

The press conferences took place without a hitch, with high-quality audio visual recordings being used for the artists and television network YouTube channels after the event with hundreds of thousands of views.

The audio provided was seamless between the artists and press during question time, with no interference or microphone issues.

We provided cohesive event management for these press conference events with exceptional quality audio visual and technical production support. Artists and their management teams were pleased with our management of audio-visuals and the overall success of the press conferences.

As one of the artist’s said, ‘Something magical happens when us four are in the room together’ – From what we’ve seen, this is evident even from just a press conference, and was well captured by Soundbite’s technical support.


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