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Production for Winchester Encore Youth Theatre

This Winchester based, award-winning youth theatre specialise in all aspects of musical theatre for children aged 11 and up. They are an incredible Community Interest Company made up of theatre professionals local to Winchester and beyond, who give their time and commitment for free to a very worthy cause.

Every year they put on a vibrant production at the Theatre Royal in Winchester city centre, with young people from across Hampshire. For two years, Soundbite provided the audio PA hire for their end of year production.

The Brief:

The shows we supported were Madness Our House and Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday. Both of these productions were high impact musical shows so needed the sound system to match. The main actors required headset microphones, and the band providing accompanying music needed microphones and line feeds.

Soundbite’s Solution:

Due to the high impact of these musical shows, Soundbite provided a full audio system that included a sub-bass system to fully support the production’s acoustics.

Each of the 15 actors had a headset microphone, and we also provided microphones and line feeds to the members of the band.

To ensure accurate planning and execution, we attended rehearsals and went through the scripts to plan all of the microphone cues.

One of the great things about Encore Youth Theatre is that they offer their members the chance to get involved behind the scenes in many areas, including production. Here at Soundbite we were more than happy to support this and enjoyed working with some of their young people, giving them the opportunity of work experience within production and audio.

What were the results?

Both shows we had the pleasure of supporting were huge hits and enjoyed great success – As with all of Encore’s productions. The cast were superb and enjoyed standing ovation’s from a delighted audience.

The audio went without a hitch and supported their phenomenal young actors in putting on a fantastic show.

Whilst it’s been rather tricky to go on a ‘Summer Holiday’ recently, it was lovely to reminisce on such a fun project and look through the photos from a spectacular show.


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