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Audio Visual & Production for Stud and Stable Awards

This prestigious awards event in central London was organised to recognise and celebrate the many achievements of stud staff from all over the UK who spend so much of their time looking after and caring for racehorses. The whole event needed to be slick and seamless, coordinating various complicated and technical audio visual production requirements to ensure a vibrant atmosphere and high impact event.


  • Audio visual and Staging - Required a quality audio visual and staging solution that would create an impactful, memorable event.

  • Video - Needed the ability to recognise all the nominees by showing 3 fast paced nominee videos in very quick succession for each award category

  • Staging – It was important for the stage backdrop to effectively showcase the sponsors.

  • Web Streaming – It was necessary to make sure all the technical connections were provided between the camera crew and web streaming suppliers.

  • Atmosphere - Creating a lively atmosphere when the winners are announced by providing music and lighting effects.

  • Consistency – Familiarity was key to ensure that their supplier was accustomed with the event and running orders.

Soundbite’s Solution:

  • AV and Staging – We provided a stage set and AV solution that would fit comfortably in the room, taking into account venue limitations such as height restrictions.

  • Video - This event had over 18 videos in quick succession, followed by music. To ensure the event ran successfully to order and remained slick, we pre-loaded everything onto a playback laptop to make it as seamless as possible.

  • Staging – With precise planning and clever set up, we were able to use the latest projection technology, meaning that sponsors could be showcased by projecting onto the screen with minimum distancing. This meant that the staging didn’t take up as much space, therefore letting the client maximise event capacity.

  • Web Streaming - Coordinated with the camera crew and web streaming suppliers to make sure all the physical technical connections were provided.

  • Atmosphere - Sourced a local radio presenter who DJ'ed for the evening entertainment. Created a lively atmosphere with the use of music and lighting throughout the event. We provided playback music stings which were chosen by the client, as well as background dinner music.

  • Consistency – We have worked on this event for 9 years, so were able to be a source of consistency and reliability over the course of the year, especially when the client themselves had staff changes. Due to our familiarity with the event, coordinating with the venue regarding access times was made easier, allowing us to plan for restrictions due to local residents.

What were the results?

  • Overall, our familiarity with the event, reliability and consistency meant that the client was able to have the peace of mind that everything would just happen. This confidence ensured that they could actually enjoy the run up to the event as well as the night itself.

  • Our experience and expertise enabled us to liaise with other suppliers and make sure that everything came together seamlessly. Pre-planning by lining up all the videos and music stings in advance also gave our client confidence that everything would run to order on the night with no hitches.

  • Having worked on this event for almost a decade, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of something that has developed and evolved from a small lunchtime awards event through to an evening and night of awards and celebration.


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