Audience Voting Keypads

Soundbite audience voting keypads are simple to use. Indeed, simplicity is why they work so well.

With no internet connection or mobile phone required, our voting keypads seamlessly integrate audience interaction into your presentations.

We have invested in the Reply system, one of the world’s most trusted and reliable event voting systems.

Display a Question


Display a multiple choice question on screen.

Users respond using their voting keypads.

See the Results


Results of how users voted are instantly displayed on screen.

KEEP YOUR AUDIENCE ENGAGED – up to 90% participation

Answer multiple choice questions – IMMEDIATE RESULTS



NO INTERNET CONNECTION required at the venue


Track Individuals or Anonymous responses. GDPR COMPLIANT 

NO DISTRACTING MOBILES - To take your delegates' attention away

NO APPS to download - Pick up the keypad and they work instantly

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with your presentations ​

RELIABLE FEEDBACK from world's leading keypad providers

Online & Hybrid Events

No need to leave out those who are watching remotely!

If any participants are watching remotely, they can also take part in your interactive voting sessions when using our voting keypads.


With a simple web link, they can use their smart phone/tablet as a keypad and their votes will be included.

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Question slides


Your question slides are built on your presentation template/branding seamlessly integrated into your presentations.

Need help in generating your questions based on your objectives? Click here.

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Voting Keypad Hire Options

Voting Keypad FAQs

If you have a question about event voting keypads and associated services, you may well find the answer here.