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Your Audio Visual Equipment Supplier - 14 things you should expect

What you should expect from your audio visual (AV) equipment supplier at your conference or event?

Audio visual (AV) equipment suppliers are very good at showing off their latest speaker systems, microphones and projectors. They can have the most up to date equipment available and while that is essential for the quality and reliability of your event, what should underpin this is the service you receive. You should leave your event feeling that you had a calm and fun experience and that the AV was not a concern or cause you any anxiety especially in the run up to the event.

The bottom line is - Your Busy, You Just Want It To Happen!

AV equipment at an event unfortunately can be remembered when things go wrong, such as when microphones are not working the screens cut out or the videos don't play. Its often said when you don't notice the AV, its gone well (Unless of course you have an 11 meter wide giant screen!)

You may receive a number of quotations from different AV suppliers and there can be a large difference in cost from one company to another. Not only is it important that you have the reliable equipment and technician(s) who are good at what they do, your supplier should also should fill you with confidence and give you an excellent experience. That can come at a cost but how much of a cost is it to your reputation or brand if your event does not go smoothly due to unreliable AV suppliers or the anxiety for you in the run up to your event.

Below is a list of what we think you should expect from your AV provider to provide you with a great experience at your event.

You should always be notified by your AV supplier if there are any changes in the costs if there are any changes in requirements you may have. They should not add any costs if they didn't allow for certain bits of kit or extra crew on your original quotation. Your buying a solution not an equipment shopping list!

Your AV supplier should:

  1. Assesses your venue prior to your event to find out if the AV equipment provided will work well and be effective for your event.

  2. Assess if any AV equipment that is already provided in-house can be utilised. Is it is up to standard and will work well for your event?

  3. Provide relevant Health & Safety documentation including method statements and risk assessments.

  4. Understand your event, requirements and provide the correct service and equipment that will enhance your message and your brand.

  5. Provide reliable, up to date equipment that is clean, well maintained and suitable for your event - Not been in a field the day before!

  6. Provide back-up equipment which is critical to the event, such as a projector or an audio amplifier.

  7. Provide technicians who well presented and professional, ensuring they support you on the day, not just operate the equipment.

  8. Provide technicians who will be at your event with enough of a break / rest following their last event or the set up. If your AV team are tired due to long hours then their performance can effect the show and cause H&S issues.

  9. Provide AV technicians who can deal with potential problems before they arise giving your event the maximum reliability.

  10. Provide AV technicians should be able to think quickly on their feet. Able and willing to deal with last minute changes for you or your presenters without fuss.

  11. Provide Knowledgeable AV technicians that will go the extra mile, such as sorting out powerpoint presentation issues not just sitting idle behind a mixing desk!

  12. Offer jargon-free advice and encouragement to presenters who may be nervous of AV technology.

  13. Provide technicians who have the ability to keep a calm head if anything goes wrong or if the unexpected happens. If they are calm then so are you!

  14. Always arrive at the agreed times and work to the agreed schedules.

Soundbite always puts a strong emphasis in building good long term relationships and partnerships with clients, built on trust and reliability.


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