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Introducing our latest free downloadable checklist. Our aim is to inspire you to make small changes in your event planning to make your event more sustainable. We want to give you practical advice and tips on how you can do just that. Do you know how much on average just one conference delegate produces in carbon emissions and waste? According to MeetGreen 176kg of CO2 emissions and 1890kg of waste - In just one day at a conference. If you would like to take steps to reduce your carbon or waste, then our free downloadable ‘Sustainable Events Checklist’ could be just what you need. Maybe you are taking some small, sustainable steps in your event planning already but are wondering if you could do more – In addition to our sustainable events checklist, will be unpacking our checklist in this blog with further explanations and ideas. You may be thinking that even your small event isn’t going to make much difference – But we have power in numbers! According to Eventbright, 1.3 million business events take place in the UK each year – That’s hosting 85 million attendees. If every single one of those events made even one small change in regards to sustainability, that is a massive difference. Be a part of it. We’re passionate about creating and delivering events that are sensitive to the environment – And we want to inspire other event planners, companies and venues to do the same! That’s why we’ve created our checklist. It’s packed full of ideas to enable you to make small changes that could go on to make a huge difference. From event planning, through to the production and delivery. Like we said, we really do have power in numbers – Small sustainable changes can effect big change. Be a part of this positive shift – To find out how you can do your bit download our free guide now.

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