Online events resulted in sustainable events

The sustainability of online events has long been encouraged by those who have wanted a more environmentally friendly approach to conferences, meetings and events. Covid-19 has forced businesses to be more forward-thinking in this area and introduce more online business practices than they perhaps would have considered before.

It’s entirely plausible that the transition back into ‘normal’ post-lockdown life and the phased re-opening of businesses and colleagues returning to work will include more online events than before.

We’re not just jumping on the virtual bandwagon

Online events are nothing new. Here at Soundbite we’ve been web streaming a number of events over the last 12 years and have seen how the technology has developed. We have run multiple events where speakers have presented to the room remotely through Skype – A tool that has exploded in popularity over the last months through various platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Through our long career in events and our organically driven approach to sustainability in this industry, we have varied and expert experience in delivering virtual events. Over the coming weeks our blog will be here to help you deliver professional and effective events of this nature. We can offer the online event support you need as well as providing technology in the form of an event app and desktop platform.

How can Soundbite help?

During this time of transition and discovering a new normal, Soundbite are here to support your online events in 3 main ways:

  • Helping you create and build online events that are both interactive and engaging

  • Support in delivery using the most suitable platform for your event

  • Promoting and distributing information before and after your event

Over the years we have planed and delivered audience engagement technology at live events including audience voting systems. We have used our knowledge and experience to find a solution to help make your online events a better and more engaging experience for viewers. Our friends at CUBE-I have developed an online event platform that will achieve the following:

  • Create a branded environment for your delegates

  • Host your event so delegates can view it as well as interact

  • Integrate popular streaming platforms such as Zoom and YouTube

  • Enable your viewers to participate in live polls, ask questions, view previous sessions, take notes, view meeting agenda and see speaker biographies

Further details about this exciting new platform and online events offering will be in our next blog.

Perhaps this focus on delivering events in the virtual world has ignited an interest in sustainability in the events industry. If you’re looking further into the future to when real-life events will be back on the agenda, you might be interested in our Sustainable Live Events Guide – A free download on our website. It’s full of ideas on how to make your live events more sustainable – Although please take caution, this was written pre-Covid and thus has been produced in the context of no social distancing.

Sustainable and virtual go hand-in-hand, much like Covid-19 and online business seem to. Virtual events are here for the short to medium term, so let us guide you through.

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