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Introduction to Sustainable Events

Producing amazing events that are sensitive to the environment.

Let’s start by saying that we’re not environmentalists! We are events people; that is our expertise and our passion. But through our diverse events experience over the years, we’ve adjusted and adapted organically to what’s going on in our current climate and have naturally accommodated solutions to issues surrounding sustainability at events, both big and small.

Why make events sustainable?

You might find that your clients and delegates are taking much more of an interest into how events are organised and delivered in relation to sustainability. Perhaps they ask for a Waste Policy or whether the event will be carbon offset. There are things to consider, and we are here to help! Whether you’re an event planner or an event venue, how to organise and make your event more sustainable is probably increasingly at the forefront of your mind. From the food your delegates are eating, to the AV powering your presentations, there are plenty of easy to implement things to consider that could make your event more environmentally-friendly. It doesn’t have to be anything as radical as insisting your delegates cycle to the event, or having a completely plant-based menu at lunchtime. But there are small, sustainable steps that you can make to really start making a difference. Even making one small change is a fantastic way to move towards more sustainable events – And it also inspires others to do the same. This is what we’re here to help with! If you find this prospect a little daunting, or you’re not sure where to begin. We are here to help inspire your event choices and give you tips and ideas on how you can start to make your events greener. And even if you’re a pro at planning sustainable, carbon-neutral events – We might even have the odd innovative idea for you too! For us, it’s about taking your event vision as a starting point, and then introducing steps to make that vision come to life in a more sustainable way. Often these steps are simple and easy to make, and most importantly, don’t impact on the quality of your event. We’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge over the years when it comes to making your event more sustainable and we’re excited to share this with you through our blog. So in summary, we’re not going to sneak into your conference room and turn off all the lights. But we can offer some insight and a practical approach to making your events more sustainable and reducing their impact on the environment. We will be sharing plenty more blogs on this subject on a regular basis, full of ideas and resources for you to use to deliver sustainable events – Check back again soon!

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