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Production Services at Brit Awards

The BRIT Awards is one of the most prestigious music events in Britain. Each year at London’s O2, Soundbite works with the events production team providing technical support services to help the organisers celebrate the biggest successes on the UK music scene and provide a platform to introduce and promote new musical talent.

Event Planning:

  • Around the O2 there are many dressing rooms, press areas and production offices all of which need TV screens and feeds to watch or monitor the live awards and rehearsals. Soundbite plans and meets these multiple backstage requirements.

  • Although demands change year on year, we plan the set up based on the O2’s internal cable system to distribute the TV feeds to all the TV screen locations. Any locations where the O2's system cannot reach we work with the broadcast company to supply feeds where required.

  • We make sure that the same teams of people work the event, keeping familiarity and continuity with the set up and requirements.

  • We are highly flexible to cope with last minute changes. Some years, we are asked to bring in additional audio system support, such as press conferences or red carpet performances, so we have a team on standby to arrange any further audio visual (AV) requirements.

Event Delivery:

  • Each year we provide as many as 30 locally sourced TV screens and stands throughout the backstage areas including dressing rooms, artist bars, production offices, red carpet, press areas and studios.

  • Some years we provide sound reinforcement in open plan press area and audio systems for press conferences with live audio feeds from microphones to gathered press TV's.

  • In 2020, we additionally provided a live PA system and TV broadcast feed for red carpet performances.

​Why the BRITS return to Soundbite

We work on this event every year, so we are familiar with the venue and backstage areas, making

the delivery of TV requirements quick and smooth. Our client can simply hand us a list of requirements and leave us to do what is needed for a seamless event.

The complexity of the BRITS highlights the way Soundbites’ continuity of service and deep

understanding of the client’s needs benefits all parties. For instance, it enables us to coordinate

installation and pack- down timings with other suppliers whom we already know well. The O2 is constantly improving its own services and technologies. Our rapport with the venue means we are capable to adapt our services to complement and work with whatever we find on arrival.


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