Personal Leadership

Many leaders in the events industry concentrate on building large sales teams or trying to impress with hordes of creative types, building empires of planners and junior producers. Steve Lucas has focused all his – and Soundbite’s - energies on the two factors which matter most to clients:

  • Deep client relationships

  • Delivery of the smoothest, safest and most sustainable event that money can buy

Before launching Soundbite in 2004, Steve achieved extensive experience as an audio-visual technician, working for events organisers and AV suppliers both in-house and in a freelance capacity. This showed him how audio-visual and event management expertise was often squeezed to the margins.


Soundbite has charted a different course: eliminating excess, giving technical skills their due weight, and acting as that all-important bridge between the very different languages and priorities of technician and client.




Get to know Steve better - connect on LinkedIn or give him a call on 0207 118 9818.