Event Apps

There is a huge choice of event apps available from simple polling apps with texting features through to more complex apps that are feature packed. This can be overwhelming and make it difficult to find the correct solution for your requirements. 


Soundbite will ensure that you choose the right technology and event apps to provide an experience that will surpass your delegates’ expectations. We can fashion a bespoke solution built around your needs through our network of partnerships with companies who produce and provide event apps.

Event Apps without Personal Mobile Devices 


The key objective of event technology is to engage with your audience. Many event technology apps run on participants' own devices. This has two major disadvantages:


  • You're audience have to log into a website which can be time consuming and you are relying on all participants doing this.

  • As participants are using their own devices there is more temptation to check emails and be distracted with notifications

Our experience is that clients receive a 90% participation rate when delegates are using dedicated devices, but only 30% participation when they use their own devices.

Our Voting Keypads and the other event technology we recommend are on dedicated devices, so your participants don't end up using their mobile devices. 


That way they see what you want them to see, not the latest e-mail from their boss or a Whatsapp message from their mates.

Want to go a stage further? We can even supply mobile device lockers where delegates keep hold of their devices but cannot use them during your event.

View and interact with participant's ONLINE, HYBRID & IN PERSON EVENTS

LIVE POLLING including text responses & WORD CLOUDS




VIEW LIVE PRESENTATIONS on each participants device 

Personal NOTE TAKING - Emailed to participants following event

DOWNLOAD FILES - can include documents, forms, videos, etc.

Fully customisable - Bespoke Features 


BRANDED to match your company's branding

Examples of solutions we have put together for clients include:

  • We provided 300 i-Pads for an investment conference in Frankfurt: these were dedicated to the event, programmed locally with relevant information, videos, questionnaires, life powerpoint slides streamed and feedback options.
    Many providers supply similar solutions, but our client had a key requirement that the system was in two languages and had the ability to do last minute updates. Our competitors didn't offer last last minute update options as each iPad has to be individually updated which is very time consuming and not practical. We did.

  • We were asked to supply a voting system for an online AGM event. The client had its own online streaming platform that offers live polling, live polling. However, they needed a system which limited voting rights on some questions to particular delegates. We researched and found an online solution which offered this perfectly. 

  • We worked on a conference where our clients required a cost effective live polling and the ability for delegates to send questions to the panel for discussion. However, they didn't want delegates to use their own mobile devices. Our voting keypads provided a value-for-money solution. Each delegate was able to answer multiple-choice questions. To enable questions to be posed for the panel to answer, we provided each table of delegates with a tablet they could share to send in questions via an installed App.