Business Event Planning

Soundbite is well-known for audio-visual technical services and interactive voting systems. But we do far more. Our distinctive model means we plan and deliver events which give you flexibility, efficiency and an incredible return on investment.
At Soundbite, you won’t find hordes of creative types and account handlers; just a dedicated, personal service to guarantee your event is delivered





We are your personal project management team so you can focus on what matters most to you – creativity and content.





Better Event Planning

  • Soundbite will scope and specify precisely what you need

  • We dig deep into your brand ethos and build a rich relationship which helps us shortcut many of the time-consuming conversations you need with less experienced partners

  • We work with you to devise the best format to turn your great ideas into reality

  • We can find the perfect venue for in-person events

  • We keep you up to date with the latest technical breakthroughs

  • We can manage your budget as if it was our own

Better Event Delivery

  • We put boots on the ground and use the best available technology

  • We make all the arrangements between venue and technicians, putting your presenters at ease so they can concentrate on their job

  • We collaborate smoothly with all other event suppliers to create a close-knit team

  • We develop a breadth and depth of contacts throughout your organisation so our team becomes an invaluable asset

  • We adapt easily and remain agile in terms of last-minute changes. 

Better Event Return

  • Our feedback surveys and in-event satisfaction measurement provides rich detail on the guest experience

  • We are sensitive to your branding and pay attention to the detail required to ensure events run seamlessly no matter what the scale of the occasion

  • We build long-term partnerships

  • We learn what works best for you and bring new ideas, technologies and concepts to your events

We deliver business events in all shapes and sizes. And a fair few that aren’t business-led – charity fireworks displays, awards evenings, banquets. Whatever their purpose, each Soundbite event shares these attributes.

Sustainable Events

​​We are very conscious that every event has an environmental impact. And we are committed to reducing this as much as we can.

For all of our events we strive to minimise lorry and car travel, using local suppliers wherever possible

Encourage the use of web streaming and paperless technology

Carbon off-set our associated travel and estimated electricity usage


​Ensure venues and guest numbers are matched for social distancing (where required)

Collaborate with local authorities on Covid SMART testing where it is an option

Offer an online events capability to include live streaming, recording and audience participation via desktop or mobile app

We try to retain a constant team so there is familiarity for all stakeholders


We work flexibly with your suppliers if you have them or we partner with some of the best in the business

We get to know each client and each venue. They are all different with different infrastructure.

We liaise closely with your venue beforehand

We employ innovative AV technology 

We ensure every eventuality is covered 

The most important thing is collaboration - you are in control throughout.

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