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We deliver business events in all shapes and sizes. And a fair few that aren’t business-led – charity fireworks displays, awards evenings, banquets. Whatever their purpose, each Soundbite event shares these attributes.



Covid has changed the way events are run, whether or not the country is in lockdown. We operate Covid-safe protocols at our events to ensure your participants and guests remain safe.

  • Ensure venues and guest numbers are matched for social distancing

  • Collaborate with local authorities on Covid SMART testing where it is an option

  • Can use technologies that allow socially distance events such as FM licensing for drive-in events with audio delivered by in-car radio

  • And of course, offer a fully hosted, flexible and customisable online events capability to include live streaming, recording and audience participation via  desktop or mobile app

  • We try to retain a constant team so there is familiarity for all stakeholders and are accredited with Safe Contractor so we can comply with each venue’s H&S requirements


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  • We were one of the first companies to embrace live-streamed events online over 12 years ago, so remote working is nothing new to us

  • We work flexibly with your suppliers if you have them. If not, we partner with some of the best in the business

  • We get to know each client and each venue. They are all different with different infrastructure.

  • If it’s a new venue, we liaise closely beforehand so we take the right kit and don’t get any surprises when we arrive

  • We employ innovative AV technology – like 11 metre LED walls displaying lives cameras, presentations and video clips, real-time online Q&As and interactive voting systems

  • We ensure every eventuality is covered - clever, hidden cabling solutions keep guests safe; external and internal PA systems ensure sound gets to every corner; emergency audio feed, which could override all onsite sound systems for emergency announcements; Interactive voting systems.

  • ​​We are very conscious that every event has an environmental impact. And we are committed to reducing this as much as we can.

  • For all of our events we strive to minimise lorry and car travel, using local suppliers wherever possible

  • Encourage the use of web streaming and paperless technology

  • Carbon off-set our associated travel and estimated electricity usage

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