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Audio Visual Solutions

From the glamour of your international awards ceremony, through to the finer details of your corporate conference, we are passionate about designing and delivering memorable events through the technical provision of audio visual services and solutions. We work regularly on major award ceremonies in central London, prestigious school celebrations in the home counties, and numerous other important regional events in our local communities.

What makes us different?

We don’t just use the most modern, technically efficient, and visually pleasing equipment, operated and installed by experienced personnel.

We also work alongside you to make your concept a reality and surpass your expectations. Our expert audio visual technicians have the experience to ensure the perfect delivery of your next event, fine-tuning every last detail so your events run seamlessly.

Our Audio Visual Solutions Include

Skilled & professional technicians

Event design & project management

Audio visual equipment hire


Lighting systems

Sound equipment

Stage set backdrops

Projection & LED screens


Audience response systems

Web streaming

Video production


Audio Visual Equipment Hire

We’re more than microphones, speakers and lights for ‘off the shelf hire’. We do of course provide all of these but what makes us stand out is the additional services we offer our clients.

We believe that a truly memorable event that surpasses your expectations is about more than the technology and equipment you hire. It is our expertise and experience that makes the difference and ensures your event runs smoothly and is remembered for the right reasons.

We pride ourselves on the close relationships that we build with our clients, working with you right from the initial concept through to the actual day, with a full team of expert technicians available to ensure a faultless and exceptional delivery.

As well as their invaluable expertise, our team can provide full audio visual equipment hire, including PA speakers, lighting, televisions, video walls, microphones, projection and staging for all manner of internal and external events throughout the UK including London, Hampshire and beyond.

Audience Response Systems

Our audience response system keypads allow you to display live feedback from your audience showing their opinions and knowledge during your event. Immediate feedback allows you to maximise your conference and gain a deeper understanding of your audience. 

Our voting keypads are simple to use. They do not require any setup or configuring by the user and do not require venue wifi or cellular internet connections. This offers maximum participation and reliability so your event can run smoothly and professionally.

See our dedicated audience response system website


Regardless of its size, your conference needs to be free from unnecessary stress and distractions. Your message must be delivered clearly and effectively to your delegates. 

To ensure we achieve this, we work differently from other companies. We start by focusing on what you want to achieve with your conference and only then consider the equipment and support that will perfectly deliver your aims. Our experience also ensures that we are able to prevent issues and have the resources to deal with the unexpected.  

This means that your conference can just happen with ease and your delegates leave with the experience you intended.


Meetings such as town hall meetings create a unique space for companies to communicate their current position as well as their plans and strategies for the future. Clear communication and the opportunity for engagement and feedback is critical.

At Soundbite Productions, we have built a reputation for reliably delivering equipment and support that will ensure that everyone is heard clearly without distractions or problems. We start with your overall objective and ensure that we provide the best solutions for these to be achieved.

Road Shows

Nothing is more effective than delivering a message or presentation face to face rather than through the use of internet platforms such as live webinars or online videos. Soundbite Productions has many years of experience providing audio visual equipment for roadshows. We enable companies to take their conferences and events where needed, locally or internationally.

At your roadshows, it is key that the audio visual technology is both consistent and reliable. Soundbite Productions provide professional and reliable staff who will understand your event and requirements and will provide technology you can trust. With us, you can be confident that all your audio visual requirements will be met and we’ll deliver an exceptional event, wherever it is required.


Awards ceremonies are key events for companies to promote themselves, inspire and motivate staff and celebrate success. More than just a memorable party, their key objective is to make people feel special.

Soundbite Productions will support your company to achieve this objective with an exceptional and unforgettable ceremony. Our successful track record and support at every stage means that you can sit back, trust us to deliver the perfect AV solution and enjoy your event as it unfolds.

We will work with you and your level of budget to provide the correct AV solution for your awards ceremony. We support everything from a simple audio system for a professionals’ dinner party to a glamorous ceremony requiring dynamic mobile lights, large video screens, impressive sound, music with impact and stage sets.

Outdoor Events

Soundbite Productions have extensive experience in covering festivals, fireworks, outdoor concerts and community events in a range of challenging work environments such as green fields, indoor arenas, and exclusive city venues. We have a unique ability to adopt a truly flexible approach to delivering sound, vision and lighting systems for your event.

Working with our trusted network of experienced sound and lighting engineers and partners, we have the capability to truly outperform in a live event environment. With experience in sound, lighting, and vision, we can bring together many different technologies to meet specific deadlines and budgets.

Speech Days & Graduation Events

A graduation ceremony or school speech day is a unique time to celebrate pupils’ achievements. It’s vital that this special event creates a memorable experience for all those who attend. It should also reflect the exceptional achievements of the school, college or university. 

Therefore Soundbite Productions provides audio visual equipment and staging that is not just reliable and flawless but also adds prestige to the event.

Press Conferences

Press conferences can be frantic events, often arranged at short notice. If something goes wrong, focus shifts from what is being announced to the mistakes that have happened and your publicity is missed. 

With Soundbite Productions and our highly experienced team, you can trust that this will not happen.

We also know that reliability does not stop at what is being seen or heard in the room itself. It is vital that clear, reliable sound and video feeds are given to the assembled TV/Radio press or streamed over the internet. With state-of-the-art equipment and specialised technical support, we can ensure you receive an impeccable service.


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