Better Audience Engagement

In addition to AV and voting equipment, Soundbite provides a range of unique consultancy services to ensure you get the most out of your voting system and event technology. Our engagement consultancy service gives you two advantages:

Objectives & Questions

Data capture & Analysis

Objectives and Questions


We want to help you get the best out of your technology - maximum audience engagement and valuable data to take away. This is the core of our engagement consultancy.

To get the best data and engagement, you need to ask the best questions.

We work with you to frame your objectives for your conference or presentation. Then we help you develop precisely the right questions to obtain data you can use to enhance your business.

Our consultants will:

  • Show you the best place to integrate interactive sessions into your conference programme 

  • Demonstrate how much time to dedicate to each voting session

  • Develop and phrase questions most effectively to achieve your objectives

  • Decide between single choice, multiple choice or ranking questions

  • Divide your audience into different demographics so you can categorise results

  • Create Before and After comparisons by asking the same question twice

  • Fully brief your presenters in advance on how to present the interactive sessions effectively


Data Capture & Analysis

What happens on screen is only the half of it. Your presenters will discuss results in the session, but what about all that data that you can analyse after the event?


Soundbite engagement consultants ensure you capture all the information for subsequent analysis and follow up.

We can help you:

  • Track voter demographics and other criteria by which you can assess responses

  • See how specific individuals respond to a series of questions (if you are allowing tracking) 

  • Check how teams perform – you can even single out individual top performers in real time at the event

  • Allow delegates to remain anonymous to ensure accurate and honest responses

  • Create post event reports for further management analysis

  • Cross reference voting data with event registration data for individual follow-up via email, phone or instant messaging

Woman hold smartphone use pc at workplac

Whatever your goals, your Soundbite consultant will ensure you achieve the best results from all audience engagement activities.